Since 1993

I've always been in love with books...

They're this tangible mixing of thoughts, words and form that I find intriguing. It's this fascination that pulled me toward studying Illustration at Parson’s School of Design, and what ultimately led me into book publishing.
I approach book Design with an Illustrator's eye, carefully balancing text elements and space on the page. But It's always the author's voice that gives me direction and momentum. I strive to stay true to their writing, and in showcasing their words, to enhance the reader's experience.
It's been an honor to collaborate on so many fascinating projects through the years, and to be part of this great industry.

About Me

As Associate Design Director, I nurture and guide, helping to shape the direction of our work, all while building long-lasting relationships with Editors and Authors.

As Designer, I showcase the words of our Authors, taking the raw manuscript, envisioning how it could look, then styling that vision into a finished book design.


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Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments or want an estimate, please feel free to contact me.